10 Best Viewpoints (miradouros) in Lisbon

If you want to have a breathtaking view of Lisbon and its region, there is lots of those ! I made a selection for you of some who really deserve to be visited.

  1. Santa Luzia, let’s start with the classics. These are the best known because they are certainly the most beautiful, those who offer a better view.
  2. Portas do Sol, always in the neighborhoods of Alfama, to go down from Santa Luzia.
  3. São Pedro de Alcântara, with its little garden just below, beautiful day and night.
  4. Graça (currently Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen), you can drink a coffee or something else at sunset, amazing !
  5. Santa Catarina, if people go there also at sunset it’s not for nothing!
  6. Cristo Rei, an impressive view from the other side of the bridge 25 de Abril.
  7. MAAT, this recent contemporary museum, in addition to sheltering beautiful exhibitions, has a roof with a belvedere to be not missed in Belém.
  8. Largo das Necessidades, not far from the museum, a small, more discreet place.
  9. Alhandra, less frequented because less known, this small town has a great viewpoint with a natural park where you can picnic. Perfect to get away from the Lisbon confusion.
  10. Monte Gordo, still an isolated place on the heights of Vila Franca de Xira. This city, 20 minutes from Lisbon, is full of small pearls to discover while walking there.

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