5 best economic destinations in Europe


Our beautiful continent has a lot to offer on all levels ! Each country has its charm, each country has its advantages and disadvantages. And it is living and traveling in different countries that I understood nothing serves to see only one side (positive or negative), since everywhere there is good and bad. But one thing that matters a lot for budget, it’s obviously the economy of the country. When I traveled across Europe, I made my own opinion but don’t forget that traveling and living abroad can’t be compare. So I wanted to talk about the best European economic destinations according to the information I gathered and my own feelings.


(Old pictures of my eurotrip in 2015)

Budapest (Hungary)

Hungary, my very favorite is Budapeste ! The capital is beautiful, even in the grayness. I found myself with lots of banknotes. I felt rich, but in truth, I had nothing ! It is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. £1 = HUF378.11 (Hungarian forint)

Prague (Czech Republic)

Czech Republic, we talk so much about Prague ! Those who have already been know why…no word to describe this city both day and night. And if it is cheap… why deny a getaway ? £1 = CZK29,30 (Czech crown)

Krka Park (Croatia)

Croatia, a small country that reminded me of Portugal with similar coastlines and where there is a lot to see and do from north to south. What attracts especially tourists, apart from beaches and paradise islands, are the parks (Plitvice, Krka…). Full of impressive waterfalls surrounded by greenery, nature lovers are fans. And we are also a fan of the cost of living ! £1 = HRK8,38 (Croatian kuna)

Bucharest (Romania)

Romania, I realized that clichés persisted on this country. When I talked about it around and showed pictures, everyone stared at me with big eyes, exclaiming: “Wow, but it’s really in Romania ?” Yes it is ! I crossed the country but the capital, Bucharest, was a real nugget ! In addition to always having something to do all over the country, you will spend little. £1 = RON 5.39 (Romanian leu)

Krakow (Poland)

Poland, beautiful cities, lovely people…the architecture fascinated me and the cost of life too ! £1 = PLN4.96 (Polish zloty)


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