About me



Young Luso-French adventurer, I finally  this project that I wanted to do for a long time.

I studied literature, theatre and communication and I worked in the press and various fields from the north to the south of France. I’ve been, among other things, freelance writer and community manager.

I went to work in Portugal a bit on a whim and stayed there for a year. I took the opportunity to explore this little piece of paradise and then I returned to France for professional obligations. Rehabilitation in French life was a bit hard and after many adventures, I needed to escape. And then I started a solo road trip around Europe. I can say it was a turn in my life, it’s what helped me for the future. Indeed, when I returned to France I was determined to leave abroad. Then I went back to where I felt really good. These few months outside the country allowed me to reflect on what I wanted and didn’t want anymore. And so I understood that it was in Lisbon where I was going to make my life.

I kept in the back of my mind the idea of ​​one day sharing my experience with a wider audience than my family and friends. Today, I continue my research and discoveries hoping to share more with others. Writing and travel are two passions combined !