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We spend our time looking for happiness. We wonder what paradise would look like but we seldom imagine to live there. And if paradise existed on earth ? Everyone has different criteria for happiness. For some, it’s just be in a place where we feel good. But at which price…traveling again and again to find yourself. This is what happened to me. After having a life that many would describe as unstable (which is only self-seeking in my opinion), by settling in the four corners of France and traveling for miles in Europe, this is the way I realized I needed sun and warmth to live. Yes, to feel alive. I went back to the origins, the country of my parents. This is where I found my happiness, my paradise.

The secret of happiness is there, once you feel good with yourself and your environment, you can finally start your life.

Here is a glimpse of my conception of happiness, what I call my paradise. Discover with me Portugal !