Family trips


Traveling with your family okay but with a baby ? Nooo never think some people, however we see more and more blogs flourishing on the topic.

Then, for or against this ?

For me the question doesn’t arise. When we have no choice, it should be ! Not everyone have the opportunity to have family or close friends available to look after their child, and even if it is possible some would go away with difficulty their offspring. Whether because of age, breastfeeding, attachment…not easy thus !

My baby is already in the category of baby travelers but without really wanting it… Why? Because this lucky little girl has her family scattered and her parents love travelling ! 6 countries, cumulative hours by car and 8 flights at 17 months.

It’s nice to travel with your family ?

Yes, but…

Travelling strengthens the bonds, we are reassured to have our child with us and he is happy to share these moments with his parents.

Below 3/4 years he may not have any memories but this contributes to his development without a doubt. Of course, trying to respect at least his pace and habits is always advised to not disturb him too much. The trip could become complicated for him then and for the parents.

It’s not always easy to make long journeys, regardless of the mode of transport because of the comfort and lack of patience among other things. If it’s a child sleeping anywhere, it’s perfect but not everyone does.

A great organization is required beginning with the preparation of the trip. Clothes, diapers, food, baby bottles, toys…yes toys are very important to avoid boredom (but parents never get bored !). Preferably choose toys that he doesn’t know yet to raising a greater interest. We can propose a doll, coloring…things adapted to his age. And why not also have some cartoons downloaded on his phone or tablet if we see that the child is struggling to hold despite everything.

Once the test of the airport and flight is successful, or long trip with another transport, the stay must be able to be done in all tranquility, without stress. Patience and respect are the watchwords of the traveling parents !

One thing is certain, it will remain beautiful memories. Many things to tell our children when they are older! It is a personal enrichment that is made since the youngest age…

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