Tenerife (Canary Islands)


In September 2019, we decided to do a little trip for my birthday. Among the destinations I had selected, Tenerife was on the top for many reasons. The weather at this time of year, the landsacpe and budget for a week. The flights were really affordable with Vueling (tickets bought a month before) and 2h15 from Lisbon. We knew that you also needed a car to be able to move more easily so I had booked online with Goldcar to save time. We picked up the car at Tenerife Norte Airport.

I had made a list of things to see there but not a fixed program. Our hotel in Puerto de la Cruz had a swimming pool and nearby beaches, so we knew that it was easy to move around and if we didn’t want to go out all day we could also enjoy the pool. Above all for our 2 year old daughter who had never been in a real pool before.

We expected to have good weather throughout our stay but unfortunately the weather was almost always overcast in Puerto de la Cruz and elsewhere there was a beautiful sun and it was very hot. One thing that stuck with me was related to the climate. Due to the diversity of the island (sea, mountain, volcano…) and its geolocation (near Western Sahara and Morocco), the weather is never the same from one place to another. Sometimes in a city it was 30 degrees, at 10km it was 15 degrees and a little further it was 25 ! So we always had with us a vest or coat and even various clothes for our little adventurer, just in case.

In one week we managed to see even much more than I imagined. And as always, we organized ourselves according to our desires and our daughter. We always tried to keep up with her pace, but when in travel, she is the one who adapts herself. Now, we know that she loves to travel. A few days after our trip she asked me if we could fly around ! It’s written in DNA, for sure !

We were planning to make another island in the meantime. The island of La Gomera is the closest (less than an hour by ferry) and can be visited in one day but Tenerife has so much to offer that we quickly realized it was better to take full advantage of this island and will return to the Canaries another time. To know also, it is a set of 7 islands, belonging to Spain, and all of them are more beautiful than the others judging from the different shots I have seen.

So we started with Puerto de la Cruz: the botanical garden, the black sand Martianez beach, San Telmo, the magnificent Taoro park, the “mirador”…the city itself is pretty, but at the end of September – beginning of October we haven’t seen much of the sun in the city.


The next day we went to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the north of the island, 40 minutes from Puerto de la Cruz. Always seaside. One of the main tourist attractions is the famous little artificial lake in the middle of the city, the “plaza de España“. With the mountains in the background, wonderful ! Our daughter played so much in a small park that we had to forget about the Palmetum and the park Garcia Sanabria. We had to lunch and she was already very tired. So we decided to come back and enjoy the hotel pool later.


On the third day, we visited the northern part of the island. We really thought about going around it little by little, everything is interesting and we found everywhere beautiful things to see and sometimes even downright impressive. The “Parque Rural de Anaga” is one of the most impressive natural parks I have seen so far. The roads are narrow and winding with lots of bends but it is definitely worth it. All along the road, there are incredible views ! We started with the Mirador de Jardina, Cruz del Carmen, Pico del Ingles (where we saw not much with the fog but super impressive, see the photo below), and finally las Teresitas. The latter is where you can see Las Teresitas beach in San Andrés. A breathtaking view.


One of the places I was very eager to go at Teide park, where the volcano of the same name is located. Having never seen one before it was really a must to see and it is a very popular attraction. The landscapes of a thousand colors, very particular rock formations (Roques de García), incredible mountains (Montaña Blanca) with the volcano of 3718m. To access it, it is recommended to do it by cable car but as it is not recommended for children under 3 years old. So we preferred to see everything around.

Late in the afternoon, we went to the natural pools of Garachico Caletón. There is a small park for children. Everything is suitable for children and adults, it is a very special place ! Too bad the sky was overcast but even without the sun it was never cold by the sea, only at altitude.


The south of the island is renowned for its beaches such as Playa del Duque or playa la Tejita. There are many beautiful beaches and the landscapes are once again very different from the previous ones.


Towards the end of our stay, we went along the East coast with Los Roques, a small wild beach a little difficult to access; a beautiful view from a point of view on banana plantations and finally another natural swimming pool, Charco de la Laja.


In the evening, we enjoyed the view of the illuminated city from our balcony or strolled. We saw a lot of stunning sunsets. It was really a nice stay overall ! I was amazed at the beauty of this island. Finally alternated lazing and visiting was a good idea. I, who am used to walked a lot by foot, seeing everything I can in the shortest time, it wasn’t bad. I hope one day to return to the Canaries but to visit other islands because I know it is really worth it !


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