How to travel on a budget ?

  • How to find the cheapest airline ticket ?

I have been looking for a long time for the cheaper plane ticket ! I ended up using the, flight price comparison tool, to give me an idea of how much to pay and then I go to the website of the airline that appears with the best price. I don’t recommend sites such as Bravofly, Edreams etc, which in the end you always add additional fees. However, I already had a ticket a bit cheaper on
Also note it’s always better to consult the return ticket separately on the price comparators.
The momondo app can be very useful for travel ideas, tips but also to find better prices for flights, rent a car or hotels.

If you want to travel for cheap don’t take a checked bag, travel lightly ! The price would be almost as expensive as with a big company like Air France or other one.

I traveled a lot with low cost airlines, I can confirm the safety of the flights. The comfort and the aircraft crew correspond to the price of the airfare but personally, I never had any problem. I invite you to inquire to the company with which you go to fly to have no surprises at the gate. When the flights are full, your hand luggage can be checked without charge but you will have to wait at the airport to pick up your suitcase. However, if your baggage exceeds the measures and they have the good idea to check it, you will pay the price. Even if you still travel with it and goes into the aircraft cabin of this company. I already experimented it with EasyJet. In Lisbon, they never checked the size but in Luxembourg I always had to put my lugagge in the test compartment. Then, they give you the excuse of “the flight is full we have to charge you for your baggage” and when the plane takes off you realize that there are several seats and empty compartments…

  • And if I want to travel otherwise than by plane, where can I get some information ?

Before my solo road trip, I found a site that also exists in app and is just awesome ! With Rome2rio, you can find solutions for any destination ! It gives to you several possibilities of transport (bus, ferry…) with the lenght and the cost. It’s very simple to use !

For those who want to take the road in an easy and economic way, renting a van is great ! Several sites offer a rental according to your needs: Auto Europe, Europe In Van, Black Sheep, We Van, Origin Campervan.

  • Where to sleep without spending too much money or for free ?

There are many options depending on your bugdet and the destination.

The hotel is a classic choice and sometimes an inexpensive option. But it’s according to the comfort you are looking for. Watch the site, you will find any type of accommodation.

Besides a “low cost” hotel, look on airbnb or housetrip, you can do a good deal by temporarily settling in an apartment and it’s still better to feel at home.

The hostel is ideal for those traveling in groups or even alone, if you aren’t afraid to share your room with strangers. Find out here or there.

And if staying with strangers doesn’t scare you, you can try couchsurfing. To test alone or to two, you are housed for free and it can be a good experience to get acquainted to the four corners of the world and in some cases they will help you in your discoveries. But be careful when you are a young woman alone…choose your host carefully.

Camping for adventurers is a good option or free solution for wild camping. Enjoy the great outdoors with Campingo ou Eurocampings.

Another less known practice is home exchange. If you have enough confidence, you leave your home to the person you are going to. It’s simple. To know more read in the site GuesttoGuest or Trocmaison.

I hope that you will find the perfect accomodation for you and have a nice trip !