Breathtaking landscapes, a certain diversity from north to south, unique culture and traditions and a welcoming population. Here is my summary in one line of Portugal.

you want to know the most touristic and best kept places of this country, it’s here !

I traveled thousands of kilometers in Europe, I visited more than twenty countries including many capitals and the one that has retained the most my attention is Portugal and more specifically the city of Lisbon.

Yes I have Portuguese origins but it’s in all objectivity that I speak about it because in reality I didn’t know much about this country. I settled a few years ago in the capital and since then I’ve been discovering little corners of paradise and I marvel each time to see that such a small country can have so much wealth !



Many of my friends were tempted and so I was like a tour guide for them, preparing a program according to the time that was available together. I’ve always loved that, to discover the beauty of the country of my family and which is also mine today.

I meet more and more French-speaking people here for work or tourism who don’t want to leave, or who leave and come back immediately. We can say that life is enjoyable here. The sun, the sea nearby, the landscapes, the gastronomy, the parties…as much to tell you that there is more than one reason to want to remain to live in Portugal thanks to a quality of life hardly comparable !

I collected so many photos and memories that I finally decided to share my beautiful discoveries.

You will find on my blog places to visit, tips routes…in short a lot of directions to guide you !

I speak about my solo trip around Europe too, in a section dedicated to this travel and I would also write about other upcoming trips.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any information request !